Info - Jessah Rose Aufiero


Why hello there! I am happy that you've found me!

I consider the type of photography that I do as sentimental, intimate, and emotional. I like to document feelings, beauty, and tender moments. I am open-minded to explore all areas of photography. I love to share my work with others.

My desire is to capture those intimate moments that fill you with joy, whether it be from a loving gaze between two people, to a child's laughter as he smears cake all over his face. From the tender moment of hand holding, to the exciting moment of a couple's first kiss after the "I do!" As someone who is detail-oriented, I believe that beauty exists in all of the small moments that are sometimes overlooked.

I want to capture the moments that you're looking for. What do you want to document and bookmark in your life?

Send me a message and let's get started on our adventure!

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