• Jessah Rose Aufiero

Lehigh Valley Zoo in Schnecksville, PA - Couples Photoshoot - Chey & Stephen

Updated: May 11, 2019

Couples shoot at a zoo?! So. Much. Cuteness! Otters and hand holding. Raccoons and snuggles. Goats and giggles! I loved this trip to Pennsylvania to meet up with Chey and Stephen. I drove through wide open country land which was heaven for this urban chick! I thought the Lehigh Valley Zoo would be a great spot for some fun and playful images. Driving through the entrance, it literally felt like it was in the middle of NOWHERE, which I wanted to soak in as long as possible.

Chey and Stephen met online, which is how I connected with Chey as well. I remember the early days of the internet and the thought of meeting up with strangers. I definitely didn't think it would become such a water-cooler where people could come together for community, education, and love!

I loved that they were able to share sweet and intimate moments with me after we just met. Their love was quiet but unmistakable. Take a look our adventure!

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